Our Mission

Feral Dance Crew formed naturally as a group of local dancers came together with a few goals in mind, first and foremost, to demand and foster fair wages for professional dancers.  Second, to create a space for our artist hearts to create and produce works we can only do with the support of our community.  And lastly, to foster aestheticism as a movement in art, to create works that value beauty, grace, and decadence, works that build on humor and the raw light from within!  Feral Dance Crew believes dance, performance, and fabulous costuming is for all, and we go out of our way to support and hire dancers of all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, and everything in between!

In a word, aestheticism...  Aestheticism is a movement in art that emphasizes the value of beauty, grace, and decadence over political and social commentary!  At CG Entertainment, we deeply value beauty and aim to examplify these values through our work.  Our production of beautiful costuming and inspired dance forms are unmatched on the market in Portland, Oregon.  We provide the best estheticism and the best in freeform dance.  Please consider us for your next event! 

About Our Company