​Floorwork w. Kelsey & CiGi                  

They say dance is a vertical expression of horizontal desires but we ask why dance can’t be horizontal itself?  In this class all the choreo stays on the floor! Get ready to dance you gorgeous sex kitten!

Twerk It Out w. CiGi                                                          

Build muscle in the glutes, and flexibility in the hips while learning 101 different ways to shake your ass!

Stress The Technique                                                  
Do you love dance but feel intimidated at dance classes because you don’t know the lingo? You’re not alone! A lot of people were introduced to dance later in life and didn’t get the foundational language and concepts taught to them during their youth!  This class will teach the language of classical dance and drill the foundations that create perfect technique.

GoGo is more than just dance, it’s a lifestyle!  This class explores the many street and club styles of dance that have laid the ground for modern GoGo, as well as practicing improvised character acting, and pulling fourth the Diva within!


A mixture of Street Jazz and Femme Hip Hop choreography!  Heels optional!

Adult Ballet                                                                  

Ballet class for beginning adults.

Cabaret Chorus Line                                                 

A mixture of Fosse Jazz and Street Jazz, with chairs and barres, and a cute choreo to boot!

Improvised Choreography                                       

Get in sync with your dance partner and learn the fundamentals of faking it like you've been rehearsing for months! 


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