Courtney Cavagnero (sometimes know as Cava Electra or Electra Fou) is a trained dancer, choreographer, character performer and director who set foot in Portland in October 2017. Prior to landing in the Pacific Northwest, Courtney was a primary dancer, choreographer and character performer for FouFouHa! San Francisco. She has toured internationally with the company and performed in world renowned festivals (Insomniac Events and Burning Man being a few). She has taken FouFouHa to a new level by starting a Portland crew which has its own full length production MetaFousical alongside smaller numbers and routines performed at variety shows, private parties and public events. Outside of FouFouHa, Courtney has danced for numerous event companies, competed in Hip Hop World Championships, performed burlesque for San Francisco‚Äôs Hubba Hubba Review, partner danced Lindy Hop on the USS Midway, taught a handful of dance styles (primarily Hip Hop, Contemporary, Zumba and Yoga) from preschool children to adults and more. 

Courtney C