Nicole Love

Nicole Love brings a whole new level of wow to the stage with her unique dance styles and fiber optic whip flow! Nicole has been dancing hip-hop and expressive dance styles since she was a young girl, performing in baton and dance teams all throughout her childhood and young adult life. She soon found her true passion in fiber optic whip flow while attending Lucky, an EDM music festival in March of 2016. Passionate and driven, she had high hopes of mastering this unique flow toy and connecting with others through a shared love in light! After becoming a member of a few flow art online communities she decided that creating the first ever 30 day whip challenge was the perfect thing to help young artists grow. She soon was recognized and became affiliated with major leading flow toy brands GloFX and Fiberflies in 2017; creating tutorial and flow video content they both utilize in their business marketing today! This is where her love for instruction grew leading her to speak with Ty Roachford and gain her an instructor spot with Prop Dance Culture. Her heart still calling to the dancer in her she found ways to perform by connecting with hip-hop arts and EDM DJs in her local scene, racking up 5 performances in the course of only a few months at established named locations such as Stage Night Club, The Baltic Room, and Real Art Tacoma. With her drive, passion, and charismatic attitude she makes anything possible on stage.