Margo Mey started dancing at 13 and took her first dance class at 14 on a fluke to get out of PE.  She continued training in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, and Modern throughout high school and college.  In 2014 she got her start as a resident Gogo Dancer for Sonique at Badlands in Sacramento, CA.  In 2016, Margo moved to Portland, Oregon where she taught at Hollywood Dance and choreographed for the Jr. HD Collective.  Margo then went onto join Insomniac Entertainers in 2018 and danced at Beyond Wonderland, México.  In October she linked up with USC Events and debuted as a marionette doll at Freaknight.  Since December 2017 she’s been going strong with Feral Dance Crew and couldn’t be happier.  She can’t wait to see what the future has in store for the kittens.

Margo Mey