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Petra Delarocha

"Emotional, powerful, and seamless... Petra is able to pull magic out of physical reality." Petra Delarocha is a professional entertainer from the Pacific Northwest. Her unique movement style fuses transitional contortion, energetic levity, and super sonic spinning. From ragged DIY circus, to crystalline cirque chic, Petra has a routine and a costume for all occasions. She specializes in aerial hoop, duo work, and contortion, but is also skilled in fabric, static trapeze, and non standard apparatus. She is recognized for her relaxed fluidity countered by powerful dynamism during a performance which mimics her collected, yet suddenly energetic personality off stage. Her commitment to a character is unparalleled, and she enjoys creating works specifically to fit within the theme of an event. Petra excels at creating original choreography. She works hard to yield polished and creative routines that express her experience as a creative conduit. She is based in Portland, OR where she works as a professional aerialist, aerial instructor, entertainer, and runs her own performance company: Prismagic.