Tatia Richmond, a North Carolina native, moved to Phoenix, Arizona her freshman year of high school in 2005. Her sophomore year, Tatia tried out for her high school dance team in hopes of enlightening her curiosity and interest in the dance world. She had a passion for rhythm and love for movement but because of inadequate resources the technical knowledge she needed was not available to her. Tatia stepped away from the dance world after her junior year and remained away until January of 2012. Making the decision to finally fulfill her life long desire to move, Tatia applied at Scottsdale Community College where she continued to gain her degree in Associate of Fine Arts in Dance. In addition to gaining her degree, she has also danced for the school's two dance companies, Moving Company and Scottsdale Arizona Jazz Ensemble performed in the spring 2013 Scottsdale Community College Dance show, Miscellany Movement and their fall 2013 show, Phantasmagoria. In spring of 2014, Tatia danced in the Practicum show Recondite and also participated in two short dance films produced by a few fellow students. February of 2015 Tatia gained the opportunity to dance and perform for the three-day Super Bowl event Bud Light’s Up For Whatever Party. During this event Tatia danced on stage with DJ Steve Aoki along with 15 other dancers. This opportunity was offered to her through the company Show Stoppers Entertainment where she continued to perform at various social events including weddings, holiday parties, and even corporate events. Continuing to explore the world of performing and further mastering her art, Tatia moved to Portland, Oregon in March of 2016 and joined the Legacy Dance Project.

Tatia Richmond